The Killing Perfection

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 Forsaken Legend

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Are you sure you want to do this, He is God in this realm questioned Kazuki. What God would damn a heart scoffs Keika. A boy is seen entering the merchant’s city, with a fairy following close behind him. The people begin to look at him in shock, wondering “How can he hold his head so high a surprised man said." Another ecstatic man says look at his clothing! It's the royal Sheikan guard!" He reaches the center of the city as all the people stare at him in disbelief. Long ago there existed a kingdom, where a golden power lay hidden. One day, a man of great evil found this power, and he took it for himself. With it at his command, he spread darkness across the entire kingdom. I stand before you now as a martyr; I stand before you as your new hero. I am the boy they speak of in legend; I am the agent of the goddess sent to cleanse this land. Now that I stand before you I promise! Ganon will reign no more!

The people begin to cheer which arouses the suspicion of Ganondorf, shortly after this he appears before the people. Now with their new hero the people of the market city confident, steadfast even against Ganondorf who chuckles. Did I not tell you I have eyes everywhere? This boy is no hero, he lacks the sword of evils bane says Ganondorf boastfully. The people notice the boy is unarmed and before they can retreat they find themselves surrounded by a skeletal army. Well boy, will you fight or will you die with your head held high as you walked in said Ganondorf who is not poking fun at Keika. Keika smirks and stares down Ganondorf as the people begin to flee toward Kakariko Village.

Well no one has ever tried to fight you without it before have they said Keika hastily as he rushed towards Ganondorf. Kazuki screams, Keika no! He will destroy you! I could never lose to someone like him Keika replies shouting as he reaches backwards to grab his short sword. He slashes at Ganondorf's neck at blinding speed shocked to see not a scratch on him, now seeing Keika in a state of shock Ganondorf once again chuckles. Even if you were the hero boy, attacking me without the master sword sealed your fate, you stole defeat from the jaws of victory, now I will steal your life and the hope you instilled from the hearts of these people.  Years go by, the temple of time unfreezes, and the true hero is awoken after seven years of slumber, this matured his body for the battle ahead.
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Forsaken Legend
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